Love Compatability of an Aries and a Taurus

Love Compatability of an Aries and a Taurus


This may be the hardest of all the zodiacal relationships to make work well. The eagerness and intensity of an Arian is completely at odds with the more patient qualities that Taureans possess.

Since Venus looks after Taurus, which means that the underlying quality is one of stability and comfort; the Arians Mars-given characteristics, which means demanding new experiences and sometimes hardship and danger., have little or nothing to do with each other. This alone may seem hard enough but the animosity goes deeper, and the reason has to do with the fact that the signs follow on from one another in the zodiacal sequence. An Arian is always struggling to make something for themselves. They want to be the one to develop, discover and to use something first so they, in essence ‘own’ it, and relish in the fact that they thought of it first. When this is achieved they fear that they may be forced to settle down and look to their responsibilities to make a project become established. Although this may be the proper and true way things should develop, the Arian rebels because to them the thought of settling down means they might become boring and may never know the thrill of starting something new again. Taureans , on the other hand, are the opposite. They show this settled character trait in almost everything they do. It is a natural thing for an Arian to forever move forwards to settle means to give up Arien-ness, and to this forward character it would be all but impossible.

taurus and aries do they match up?

This applies to Taurus in reverse. A Taurean values the ground they walk on. Whatever they acquire they consider it their own and consider it their duty to protect and look after it. This means that a Taureans territory gets larger and larger as time goes on. They also gets less and less willing to give any of it up. Think of a bull in a field and how he redefines and guards his territory. The idea of an Arian trying to rearrange or trampling that territory trying to do something new and different with it will make the Taurean horrified.

If the friendship between these two is not very intellectual, then the relationship will become a series of arguments with the Aries temper and will to win causes the Taurean to dig his hooves in even deeper, refusing to move. The Taureans anger may be slow to build but unstoppable once it has got going, will explode and the force of it may well flatten even an Arian for awhile. This is a dangerous combination and frustration will only mount.

With a lot of thought and perseverance on both sides, however, an agreement can be found which can work well. An understanding of each other’s needs must be reached. Things are best arranged so that the Taurean does maintenance and support duties and the Arian does the active work and anything new and energetic for the team as a unit.

The Arian must remember that the Taurean is possessive of them too, and will be extremely jealous if the Arian shows any interest in another partner. The Taurean must remember that Arieans need to move around a bit to be their best.