Aries and an Aquarius- Love Compatability

  Aries and an Aquarius- Love Compatability


This is the sort of relationship that you like. It is similar in some ways to the Gemini link. The rapport is light and fast moving, and your freedom to go your own way is not hindered in any way.

The Aquarian needs to form friendships and he feels that he works best in groups of people. He would much rather give his energies to a group than concentrate on his own ambitions. When you first meet an Aquarian, it is likely to be in a group, and in those surroundings they seem to be bright and attractive. They somehow represent the best qualities of all the people present. And that is exactly what they are doing. They have put themselves into the group’s identity, and taken that for their own character. On their own, however, Aquarians are quite shy and distant, and not particularly impressive. They need the warmth of friendship to make them work properly. When that friend is someone as naturally fiery as you, their needs are met perfectly.

You need to have a friend who is there whenever you want them, but is never going to close you in or attempt to tell you what to do. You also need the type of friend who is essentially honest and kind, because you own straightforward approach to life makes you an easy target for those whose outlook is less than perfect. Aquarians are by nature quite straight and fair in their dealings, and are unlikely to be trying to deceive you on purpose. Their relatively unemotional approach to life means that you are unlikely to meet strong opposition to your own ideas, which means you don’t have to waste time and energy convincing you partner how right you are.

However, you may find that their lack of deeply felt passion about anything at all is a drawback. Try being unrefined, rude or cruel and see where it gets you. An Aquarian can’t stand seeing any of these qualities displayed, and will make sure that they are not displayed again, usually by getting friends or associates to chastise you on their behalf. You won’t see at first how the Aquarian works through people he knows, rather than directly. It doesn’t occur to you that anyone could achieve anything in any other way than by doing it themselves, but that is exactly how the Aquarian does things. They will change your tastes too, moderating you excesses and turning you physical grace into social grace. Your childishness into charm, and you will to win into inspired leadership.

Marriage could be a rarer event than you might think. Arians like to go their own way, and an Aquarian isn’t going to try to tie you down. Aquarians are also solitary creatures sometimes, and there are times when they like their own company best. Constant emotional interchange is tiring for them. Marriage seems too restricting for the pure Arian, and too tiring for the pure Aquarian. Other factors will have to make you want to tie the know. Once married though, you can be sure of a light and bright partnership, full of affection, is not very passionate. There will be plenty of variety, and challenges will be taken up and met rather than avoided. You could do worse.